The Age of Tenebrous

When the incarnation of Orcus walked from the keep he began gathering followers, both alive and undead. He marched on city, town and village alike leaving death and destruction in his wake. Those who resisted he turned into undead minions and those who pledged themselves to his service were enslaved by his power. He named himself Tenebrous, which was a name Orcus had taken before. Although he exists in human form his power is immense. Each kingdom that falls under his sway solidifies his base of power.

In the years after Tenebrous first proclaimed himself he grew in power and influence so fast that his followers starting calling Orcus’ rebirth as the beginning of a new age, the Age of Tenebrous. During the last 10 years Tenebrous has completely ravaged the central kingdom, which were originally comprised of various tribes and peoples and now are united under the sign of Tenebrous. The only remaining kingdoms are on the outskirts of the continent. These groups hold fast to their ground but unless they unite Tenebrous will eventually overcome their defenses and wipe them out.

In the central kingdom Tenebrous holds on to power with an iron fist. His Priests and temples are in almost every city and town and act as the sole arbiters of his justice. He uses these Priests and Dark Paladins to keep the people under his thumb. Punishment for any infraction is handed out quickly and normally consists of days of torture followed by dark rites and ceremonies that end with the object being transformed into an undead slave of Tenebrous.

The last 10 years in the central kingdom have nearly obliterated the people in the region. Initially vast numbers fled into the other kingdoms to escape death and destruction Tenebrous leaves in his wake. Now it is very difficult to move in and out of the region known as the central kingdom. Tenebrous’ grip tightens every year and he continues to bloat his numbers through dark magics and mind control.

Tenebrous recently made an announcement to his council of elders. He has proclaimed that this year is to be The Year of Exaltation. Each month is to end with sacrifices of Paladins, Clerics and all clergy imprisoned in the central kingdom. No one is sure what Tenebrous intends for this year of blood letting but there are whispers as to what it could mean.

The Age of Tenebrous

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