The Mask of Orcus

Kobolds stole your what?

So this adventure begins pretty much exactly like all other adventures. A group of heroes comes together for a common cause in order to defeat a great evil…

What do you have when you’ve got a Eladrin Wizard, a Dragonborn Fighter, a Halfling Rogue, A Half-Elf Ranger, a Dwarven Cleric, a Human Barbarian, and a Tiefling Warlord. Well, to be honest you have a hell of a mess. But regardless of this mess that’s how the adventure begins.

This enormous party of adventurers comes together in the town of Winterhaven for various reasons. One comes to seek his missing mentor, one comes to investigate a death cult, still another comes at the request of an old friend seeking the secrets of a hidden keep. Most just come seeking riches, fame, and glory.

When the party arrives in the town it is quite obvious that something is amiss. There are kobold raiders, a dragon burial site, and an old keep up in the mountains that each need to be investigated. In the process they lose a couple members(not by dying) and gain a few as well. By the time they reach the keep the party consists of Matrim Silverscale, a dragonborn fighter; Sonnilion, an eladrin War Wizard; Nogu Krusk, a half-orc Beast Master Ranger; and Redgar Darksbane, a human barbarian.

They descend into the keep with knowledge gained from their encounter with kobolds a plenty and a very large goblin called Irontooth, who was quite crotchety. The adventurers know that Kalarel, the Scion of Orcus and leader of the death cult, is performing dark rites with the purpose of opening the rift between their world and the Shadowfell.



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