The Mask of Orcus

Well it is called "Dungeons and Dragons" for a reason...

As the heroes descend into the keep they notice that they are not alone and hilarity ensues when Nogu falls into a pit with a veritable swarm of rats. He then proceeds to tame the rats and then send them after the goblins.

After some maiming, killing, and general destruction of public property the party heads deeper into the keep. One hero in particular breaks RPG cardinal rule number, which we all know is “never split the party”, and decides to go off on his own exploring. This is the point where the other party members decide on nicknaming their companion “Le Douche.” Unfortunately the name sticks. The rest of the party finds some runes on the floor and they are able to discern that the runes are infact part of a trap. Nogu gets lucky and doesn’t run into any trouble but after the part meets back up they blow through quite a few undead with some well placed radiant damage and a massive amount of fire. I think the words “And that is how Mages do it” brought the party close to blows but they tenuously patched things up and decided to move on.

With their egos’ significantly inflated because of a well placed flaming hands spell by Sonnilion during a run in with some skeletons they find a pair of altars that appear to be for the purpose of worshiping Bahamut. With some rooting around they party stumbles upon a secret compartment in an altar. They find a few small silver dragon statues and pocket them while deciding what to do next.



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